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Expert air conditioning repair and maintenance for Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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South East Electrical have been operating in the Gold Coast region for nearly two decades. As a company that strives to be South East Queensland’s most honest and reliable electrical services provider, we're often first the choice for many Gold Coast's air-conditioning installations and maintenance. We provide complete installation and/or supply of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

residential air conditioning

Residential Air Conditioning Installation

South East Electrical perform air conditioning installations for Gold Coast and Brisbane homes.

Air conditioning cleaning

Air Conditioning Cleaning

South East Electrical have a reputation in installation and cleaning of airconditioning systems.

South East Electrical specialize in the installation of split system and ducted air conditioning units. Whether you have a small home or a large commercial property, South East Electrical will install the system you need.

Split System Air-Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning split systemSouth East Electrical specialize in the service, sales and installation of split system air conditioners. Whether you want us to supply and install a split system air-conditioner or install only, we’re available for either. For more information about spit system air conditioning click on the link above. Or call Glenn to discuss your needs.

Air-Conditioning Cleaning

air conditioner cleaning picture 1 editDirty air-conditioners are blowing air across germ and dust ridden elements inside your air-conditioner unit. This impacts on your health and the economy of your air-conditioner. Cleaning your air-conditoner prevents the spread of germs and makes your air-conditioner more effective. For more information see our air-conditioning cleaning service.

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Reasons to choose SE Electrical for your Gold Coast and Brisbane air conditioning installations

As a company that specializes in both electrical and air-conditioning services we’re able to complete all air-conditioning installations regardless of any obstacles presented. New home air-conditioning installations are fairly straight forward but you’ll often find that retrofits require the services of an electrician. As usual, with South East Electrical’s common sense approach to good old-fashioned service, we get the job done without fuss or unnecessary overheads.

We service the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane areas. We provide free sizing and quotations. Contact us using the number on this page or the form provided. You’ll find out approach to service and installation of air-conditioning excels.

We provide air-conditioning installations for residential and commercial properties across South East Queensland. Our air-conditioning solutions account for all variables in your home or business, providing cost-effective solutions to keep temperatures consistent in your space. Considering factors such as placement, mounting of split systems, size of the space to be controlled as well as installation and operating costs, we deliver the best cost-effective solutions in air-conditioning.

We know that by providing the best systems, by establishing relationships with out clients, our business will continue to grow. Our interest is in providing you the best possible air-conditioning system.

If your job is confirmed and we don’t show, we’ll come and do it for free.

Gold Coast commercial electricians

South East Electrical For Air Conditioner Installation and Repair

South East Electrical service Gold Coast and Brisbane for air conditioner installation and repair. We're available to to install a single air conditioner you've installed or to supply and install multiple air conditioners. We've installed air conditioners across south east Queensland, installing 60+ air conditioners for a development in Brisbane and single air conditioners on the Gold Coast. We stand behind our service and follow through on all quotes. For prompt service and air conditioning installation you can trust please call us today.

See our dedicated Air Conditioning page, Air Conditioning Installation & Service.

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