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South East Electrical specialise in the sales and installation of split system air conditioners. Whether you want us to supply and install a split system air-conditioner or install only, we’ll give you the most competitive prices and service. 

Split System Air-Conditioning Installation

Split Systems

We have many great split systems available now for installation. Check our specials pages for regular specials on Rinnai air conditioning units.

Split systems are those (picture) that have a  a compressor unit that sits outside. It is connected to the fan unit that is attached to your wall. They’re ideal for where you want to cool or heat a single room. A small unit like the Rinna 1.2kW is perfect for a bedroom. Whereas a larger unit will provide ample coverage for an open plan living area. 

Reverse Cycle

A reverse cycle air conditioner is one that cools and heats. It’s the standard air conditioner these days and is a very efficient way to achieve both. Not only does it mean you only have to purchase one unit. It also happens to one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.  

Latest Technology

With many air conditioning units installed these days you have the ability to control them via an app on your phone. You can often control multiple units, turn on and off, set temperatures…generally regulate the temperature of your entire home from anywhere. 

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