Gold Coast Phone Point & Data Cabling

Need extra phone or data points for  your home or office? We can help. We specialise in data point installation. 

When moving into a new business premise, setting up your phone and computer network is a top priority. The experienced team at South East Electrical Services can help. They can install extra data and phone points around the your office, ensuring everyone has access to phone and internet outlets.

The family home has also become a communication hub with a greater demand for phone and internet access. We can fit out your kitchen, bedrooms and home office with as many phone/data points as you need. We can also replace damaged phone and internet points. Contact us at South East Electrical Services and we can provide solutions to all your home internet and phone problems.

As we are licensed to complete both electrical and data works, why not combine the work and call your local qualified electrician.

Call Glenn for all data point installations

Data Point Installation for Intercom Systems

Is your intercom system playing up? Upgrade with the latest intercom technology to make communication easier. We can help you choose the right model for your home or workplace and install it with minimal fuss. If you want to install an intercom system talk to the team at South East Coast Electrical Services to make sure you have access where you need it for an effective intercom system.

Contact the team at South East Coast Electrical Services for all your electrical requirements.

If your job is confirmed and we don't show, we'll come do it for free