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Are you having trouble with your electrical switchboard?
Are fuses constantly blowing or circuit breakers tripping in your switchboard?

Electrical switchboard faults can be the cause of many of the hassles we see with our household and commercial power supplies. If you’re having problems with electrical faults then get a switchboard inspection. The switchboard is also an area of concern for electrical safety. If in doubt call South East Electrical for an inspection of your electrical switchboard.

Reason To Get Your Electrical Switchboards Inspected

  • If you have an old switchboard then get it inspected and, if necessary, replaced.
  • If you have concerns about the safety of your family then get a switchboard inspection.
  • Have you upgraded other electricals in the house, added extra electrical devices to your home, without checking to see if your switchboard is capable?
  • You want surge protection added to your switchboard

Other Electrical Switchboard Services

South East Electrical can relocate your current switchboard to another location if it’s in a hard-to-reach location, or you’re required to open the gate to allow Energex to read your meter each time.

Contact Us Today About Electrical Switchboard

Has your switchboard got problems. Need it checked. Have South East Electrical Services test it. Contact South East Electrical Services for your electrical safety solutions, assist in electrocution prevention and ensure your home electrical system in good working order.

Latest Switchboard Diagnosis Equipment

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