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South East Electrical is a Gold Coast company with specialists in testing of electrical equipment. Ensure compliance with local laws by contacting South East Electrical for your Gold Coast electrical auditing. 

Did you know, every workplace needs to have their electrical appliances tested and tagged at least once per year?

Knowing your responsibilities across all ranges of activities in your workplace is onerous. Rely on South East Electrical’s knowledge to keep your workplace compliant. We can complete an audit of your workplace and ensure all your equipment is tested and tagged in accordance with workplace health and safety rules.

Our testing and tagging services


Included in our testing and tagging

Annual testing and tagging is the best way for Gold Coast businesses to prevent electrical problems before they occur. Common electrical problems identified in test and tag include damaged pins, frayed cords and bent and overloaded cabling.

Testing And Tagging Requirements

testing and tagging of electrical equipmentIt is your obligation to ensure the safety of your workplace and that includes regular testing of your electrical equipment. Queensland workplace health and safety rules show testing intervals from 3 months to 5 years depending on which industry you operate in.  South East Electrical’s software automates test and tag intervals by notifying us when your equipment is due for testing. We contact you for an appointment, keeping your equipment always compliant with the regular auditing relevant to your industry.

Office equipment requires testing and tagging
Office equipment requires testing and tagging
Industrial equipment requires testing and tagging
Industrial equipment requires testing and tagging
Drills require testing and tagging
Drills/hand tools require testing and tagging

Items you must have tested and tagged regularly

The following electrical items require testing and tagging:

  • Power equipment such as drills and welding equipment
  • Power boards
  • Extension cables
  • Portable power equipment

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