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Do your lights sometimes flicker?

Maybe your switches crackle when they are turned on and off?

Do your fuses blow or circuit breakers trip?

Do you have switches that are cracked or broken?

Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs Of Electrical Safety

Fires happen because the warning signs are ignored.

Don’t let this happen to you. Contact South East Electrical Services for an audit of your electrical safety.

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Electrical risks are risks of death, electric shock or other injury caused directly or indirectly by electricity.

The most common electrical risks and causes of injury are: „

  • electric shock causing injury or death
  • arcing, explosion or fire causing burns
  • toxic gases resulting from electrical faults
  • fire

Even brief contact with electricity  can have serious consequences to a person’s health and safety.

For Full Electrical Safety You Need A Safety Switch For Each Circuit

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A person conducting a business has the primary duty of care to ensure that workers and other persons at the workplace are not exposed to electrical risks.

This requires the business holder to eliminate electrical risks. Where it’s not possible to completely remove the risk, it must be minimized and made safe as much a practicable.

Business owners and managers must manage risks to health and safety associated with electrical risks at the workplace by:

  • identifying electrical risks
  • minimize the risks
  • maintain a safe work environment

If you’re a business owner or manager and you have concerns about managing electrical safety please contact South East Electrical.

Firstly, trust your home only to licensed electricians and never do your own home electrical work.

Ensure you have safety switches installed on each circuit in your home, as the video below explains.

Ensure all electrical equipment and devices are functioning properly.

Do not ignore the warning signs listed above.

For an audit of your home electrical safety, or to address any particular concerns you have, please contact South East Electrical.

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