Air Conditioner Cleaning Gold Coast

Cleaning Improves Air Quality, Efficiency & Performance

With summer coming round and the heat already picking up, it’s time for air conditioner cleaning. Gold Coast has a professional and effective service provider in South East Electrical Services. Our technicians are ARCtick certified.

Four great reasons to use our air conditioning cleaning service

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Don’t blow old dust over yourself and your family. Air-conditioner removes old smoke, dust and dirt. Mold spores spread germs and antagonize allergies can grow where dust and moisture are allowed to settle. Remove the potential for disease and allergy with cleaning.

Improved Performance

You like cool air right? Why not have more of it? Our cleaning service helps your air conditioner function maximally, delivering more of that lovely cool air into your house.

Reduced Running Costs

More are and less effort. When your air conditioner has to work harder to pump out the same amount of cool air, you’re paying for it. Air conditioner cleaning means lower bills because your unit isn't working as hard.

Longer Lifespan

Your air conditioner, like anything else, has a lifespan that can be extended by caring for it properly. With our cleaning service you have a process that increases the lifespan of your unit.

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About Professional Air Conditioning Cleaning & Sanitising

South East Electrical Services install and maintain air conditioners and are experience and professional air conditioner cleaners.  We specialising in split system air conditioning, proving cleaning services to Gold Coast homes and businesses. Our air-conditioning technicians are ARCtick certifed. They work installing, maintaining and cleaning air-conditioners all week every week.  Their expertise is an important reason why our cleaning services are so good.

When we clean your air conditioning unit we enclose it in a protective cage. This means we can perform a thorough clean without worrying about messing up your home. We use appropriate cleaning santisers  and collect all the grime so we can dispose of it. 

Expert air conditioning technicians perform the cleaning. They clean the evaporator, all filters, condenser and blower fan. While servicing they can identity any issues that might effect the long-term reliability of your unit. 

Ready For Clean Cool Air?

Book your cleaning today and get ready for summer.

Why Use Us For Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air Conditioning Experts

We supply, install and maintain air conditioning units all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We work on all makes and models and are ARCtick certified.

We Are Conscientious Cleaners

Everything we do, we always want to get a recommendation to the next customers. That’s how we operate. Cleaning your air con unit is another way for us to show how much we value quality service.

Allergy Friendly Products

We don’t pump in a bunch of harmful chemicals to clean your air conditioner. We’re aware that asthma and allergies are one of the primary drivers for air conditioning cleaning. Gold Coasters trust us with their health and we respect and honour that.

We'll Be There

There’s our guarantee. As it says below:

If your job is confirmed and we don’t show, we’ll come and do it for free.

When You Should Clean Your Air Conditioner

You should clean your air conditioning unit if: