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Gold Coast Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air-conditioner cleaning improves performance

With summer coming round and the heat already picking up, it’s time for air conditioner cleaning. Gold Coast has a professional and effective service provider in South East Electrical Services.

Four great reasons for air-conditioner cleaning

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

    Don’t blow old dust over yourself and your family. Air-conditioner removes old smoke, dust and dirt. Mold spores spread germs and antagonize allergies.

  • Improved Air Conditioner Performance

    You like cool air right? Why not have more of it? Air conditioner cleaning allows your air conditioner to function maximally.

  • Reduce Air Conditioner Running Costs

    When your air conditioner has to work harder to pump out the same amount of cool air, you’re paying for it. Air conditioner cleaning means lower bills.

  • Longer Air Conditioner Lifespan

    Your air conditioner, like anything else, has a lifespan that can be extended by caring for it properly. With air conditioner cleaning you have a process that increases the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Professional Air Conditioning Cleaning & Sanitising

South East Electrical Services install and maintain air conditioners and are experience and professional air conditioner cleaners.  We specialising in Split system air conditioning, proving cleaning services to Gold Coast homes and businesses.

air conditioner cleaning gold coast dirty air con

Dirty Air Conditioners Spread Germs

An accumulation of dust and debris like this harbours germs. It also prevents the air conditioner from operating effectively, increasing your running costs and preventing you from keeping a cool and comfortable home.

specialist cleans and repairs the wall air conditioner

A Clean And Efficient Air Conditioner

Our service technicians remove filters and clean the entire air conditioning unit. Gold Coast homes experience cleaner, cooler air and lower power bills.

Some Images From Our Gold Coast Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

These two images were taken from a property on the Gold Coast. We’re halfway through the air-conditioner cleaning and you can clearly see how dirty the left-hand side is. Notice the waterproof shroud we use when cleaning your air-conditioner, collecting and removing the grime.

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Why Use Us For Air Conditioner Cleaning Gold Coast

  • Experts In Air Conditioners

    We supply, install and maintain air conditioners all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We work on all makes and models of air conditioners.

  • We Are Conscientious Air Conditioner Cleaners

    Everything we do, we always want to get a recommendation to the next customers. That’s how we operate. Cleaning your air conditioner is another way for us to show how much we value quality service.

  • Allergy Friendly Products Air Conditioner Cleaning

    We don’t pump in a bunch of harmful chemicals to  clean your air conditioner. We’re always aware of asthma and allergies are one of the primary drivers for air conditioner cleaner. Gold Coasters trust us with their health and we respect and honour that.

  • We'll Be There

    There’s our guarantee. As it says below:

If your job is confirmed and we don’t show, we’ll come and do it for free.

Some links and further reading on air conditioner cleaning:

Choice Magazine: air conditioner cleaning DIY information and information about advanced cleaning by professionals. US energy agency reporting into reasons for air conditioner cleaning and maintenance.

EPA: Again, US based. A long article on indoor air quality. Not specific to air conditioner cleaning but interesting background reading for those concerned about air quality in their homes.

See also our air-conditioner installation and maintenance services.

Gold Coast commercial electricians

Air Conditioner Cleaning Gold Coast

For the best team in air conditioner cleaning, Gold Coast has a great choice with South East Electrical. We're experienced in air conditioner installation and maintenance, which means we know your air conditioner back to front. Some advanced cleaning required removing of coils and other elements which can impact on your air conditioner's performance and warranty. Trust us for thorough air conditioner cleaning Gold Coast. We'll clean and reassemble your air conditioner into perfect working order.

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