We recently did some work for JJ Industries and thought this would be an interesting company for us to do a profile on. They specialise in an area of environmental consultancy that would be little known to those outside the industry. But you would see the results of their work everywhere


Environmental compliance is an important part of all industrial and commercial works these days. Those of us who live on the Gold Coast and  Brisbane appreciate the natural environment that we have. Most of us will go to the beach many times during summer or take advantage of our Waterways our parks and gardens in some way. But there are often developments happening on these Waterways or next to these areas that can have potentially harmful consequences. What you see when people are working on these developments are a combination of silk curtains and silt fences and other means of holding back the dangerous flows of silt and dirt and other things. It is those silt curtains and silt fences and other things that JJ Industries sell.


An important part of their function is consultancy. Many developers rely on their expertise to make sure that they are keeping up with their environmental compliance. Compliance is something very close to our hard as electrical compliance is something that we are always aware of an always working to make sure all of our customers are fully complied with local laws. When navigating difficult and unknowable areas outside of our expertise it is important to rely on the expertise of those people we can salt with. When you consult with south east electrical you know that you are getting the best and most expert advice you can get. We feel that likewise when you consult with JJ Industries you are getting excellent and expert advice. 


One area that many of us might be interested in is spill kits. Spills are important to all sorts of industries both big and small. You don’t have to be a developer to be concerned about the effects of oil or other chemicals leaching added your environment into the wider environment. For instance if you have vehicles and machinery and one of those files then you need to make sure that the spill is contained. JJ Industries consult widely and sell spill clip kits for all conditions.


They also do bunding installations. You see bunding when you go to the service station. There is a small raised area around the petrol station that prevents leak fuel from moving Beyond the boundaries of that environment. Funding is also used in wash bay areas and where chemicals are kept. JJ Industries install bunding and are one of the premier experts on bonding in Australia.