Need an emergency electrician?

Electrical emergencies never happen between 9 and 5. Our team of emergency electricians know this and will be on hand to help you out. South East Electrical will be available over the Christmas period for any emergency electrical requirements. Have you lost power? Is  a power point is sending out sparks when you turn the Christmas tree lights on? Or has a fuse has blown and you can’t repair it?  Don’t hesitate in calling us for your electrical emergency. Our emergency electricians are available 24/7. Our vans are fully stocked and our emergency electricians are fully qualified and licenced. We provide a fast response service for unexpected electrical emergencies. Our emergency electricians will be onsite, usually within the hour, to assess the problem and organise the repair.

How to avoid electrical emergencies.

Beware of buying Christmas lights online and particularly overseas. Other countries have different safety standards and the products sold in these countries may be unsafe for use in Australia. Electrical equipment sold in Australia must meet strict electrical safety standards.

Water conducts electricity, therefore, it should never be used to put out an electrical fire. Dumping water on or near a power source can give you a severe electrical shock.

Always get a professional, like ourselves to conduct any electrical repairs.

Check your smoke alarms are functioning properly – if there is a fire, electrical or any other it is vital that your fire alarms are in working order.

A surge protector will prevent damage to your electrical equipment in the event of a surge, such as a lightning strike.

Lightning strikes can cause power surges that can cause huge damage to computers and monitors. Save your data and unplug your computer during an electrical storm

Small children have a tendency to stick things in holes and sockets. Avoid any sort of electrical emergency by covering unused sockets with safety plugs.

If you’re renovating your yard, ensure you’re doing so safely. Contact Dial Before you Dig to ensure you prevent damage to Australian infrastructure.  (Note, the call centre for Dial Before you Dig have shortened hours over the Christmas period)

Don’t leave cables or electrical devices where children can pull on them, ride over with their bikes or toys or cut them. 

Appliances with frayed cords, broken plugs can cause electrical shock. Replace them to avoid a medical and electrical emergency.