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Voltex smoke alarms are a great choice for homeowners looking for reliable and efficient protection. The Voltex battery powered wireless photoelectric smoke alarm comes with a non-replaceable lithium battery that lasts more than 10 years

If you’re a landlord or real estate manager, it’s important to be compliant with the latest smoke alarm laws. Those laws require homes to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. Where possible we install hardwired smoke alarms, because they’re the best option. Where it isn’t possible to do that (eg a home with no ceiling space) we use Voltex smoke alarms.

The Voltex smoke alarms are a great alternative where there is no ceiling for us to install cables in. With their 10 year lithium batteries and wireless interconnect system, these smoke alarms can satisfy Queensland laws without being connected via cables

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Advantages Of Voltex Smoke Alarms

With so many brands competing in this space, it’s worth noting a few reasons why we use Voltex smoke detectors. 

They Are Wireless Smoke Alarms

We’ll use Voltex smoke detectors where hardwiring isn’t available because their alarms are wireless. We can set them up, pair them, and have them work as interconnected alarms, just like a set of hardwired alarms. Being interconnected, they’ll now all ring out a siren when any one of the detectors sees smoke. That is a vital lifesaving technology meaning your whole home will get earlier warning in the event of a fire. 

They Have A 10 Year Lithium Battery

Gone are the days when you had to remember to change your battery every year. With these units you need never change the battery. Why never, you ask? That’s because all smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years. The battery lasts as long as the working life of the smoke alarm. Don’t replace the battery, replace the detector. 

They Have A 7 Year Warranty

The seven year warranty on these units mean they’ll be under warranty for most of their working life. As we just said above, after ten years you have to replace your smoke alarms. That’s what the legislation tells us. So it’s only the last three years of operation that aren’t covered by Voltex’s warranty. 

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Voltex Smoke Alarms Are Interconnected Photoelectric Alarms

This is the most important part of any smoke alarm upgrade or installation you may be considering at the moment. To be compliant, all smoke alarms have to be photoelectric and interconnected. Let’s have a look at what that means.


A photoelectric smoke alarm “sees” smoke. That’s in quotations because it doesn’t literally see smoke. But it is something very similar. We have an article about photoelectric smoke alarms versus (the older type) ionisation alarms. The main takeaway from that article is that photoelectric alarms are better at detecting smouldering fires. Smouldering fires are the type most common in homes. They’re the type that causes a lot of smoke and sometimes the occupants of the home were severely impacted by smoke inhalation before the ionisation alarm triggered. Photoelectric better detect these fires and alert you sooner. They save lives. 

photelectric smoke alarm infographic


This is important because it means that when one alarm detects a fire, they all sound a siren. People are much less likely to sleep to through alarm sounding in their bedroom than one downstairs. This means people get alerted to the fire sooner and their chances of surviving are increased. Voltex smoke alarms are interconnected via a wireless interface, as opposed to being hardwired like some other alarms we use. 

Types Of Smoke Alarms Made By Voltex

Voltex make both wired and wireless smoke alarms. It’s the wireless smoke alarms we’re primarily interested in. They present a great option for anyone who can’t retro-fit wired smoke alarms into their homes. 

Battery Only Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Sealed 10 year Lithium - Wireless Interconnect

The Voltex battery powered wireless photoelectric smoke alarm comes with non-replaceable lithium battery that lasts more than 10 years and is fully compliant with all national codes and local building regulations.

240V Hard Wired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 10 Year Lithium Backup Battery (Battery Included)

voltex wired smoke alarm

To install, the smoke alarms should be paired before being installed, and the SAS115BW is only compatible with Voltex wireless smoke alarms. Smoke alarms can be paired and unpaired indefinitely, and the network status is indicated on the NET LED on the back of the alarm. The smoke alarm should be tested by pressing and holding the test button for two seconds. When all smoke alarms have been paired, the test button should be pressed to exit pairing mode. The smoke alarm should be turned off by moving the internal switch back to the OFF position. The smoke alarm should be placed in the mounting bracket and marked the mounting holes. The smoke alarm should be inserted into the mounting bracket and rotated until it clicks positively into place. The smoke alarm should be tested by pressing the test button. The smoke alarm should be periodically cleaned by vacuuming the outside of the smoke alarm. The battery is not replaceable. If the low battery alarm sounds, replace the entire unit.

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