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Why you should upgrade your fuse board with circuit breakers

There are many houses these days that are still operating on old wiring and in turn, they have older fuse boards. While older style electrical boards might have been great back in the day there is better and more modern equipment available to prevent electrical hazards, such as fires. If you have an older home that you know has a fuse board in it, you may want to think about upgrading to circuit breakers instead.

Circuit Breakers Are Convenient

One important reason to upgrade your fuse board to circuit breakers is the simple fact that they are more convenient. If you’ve ever blown a fuse you’ll know how annoying it is to have to find the correct fuse wire, remove the fuse, re-wire it and plug it back in. It’s not too bad when everything goes smoothly (that is, you haven’t run out of the correct fuse wire!). But it’s a pain when you have to do it frequently, like when you have a faulty electrical device that is tripping the fuse repeatedly.

Circuit breakers have a switch that trips. To reset the circuit break you flip the switch.

If you’re none too familiar with your electrical switchboard, when you blow a fuse you’ll find a confronting array of fuses. They’re difficult to remove and you’ll probably have to inspect each one until you find the blow fuse. With circuit breakers you can see straight away which switch has tripped.
Circuit breakers also contain a fuse wire. You get double the protection with a circuit breaker. If, for some reason, the circuit breaker fails to trip, the fuse will still burn out.

Circuit Breakers Are Safer Than Fuses

Circuit breakers are safer than fuses. The wire that burns can arc and cause fires. Assuming the circuit on the circuit break trips (and it is actually very rare this doesn’t happen when needed) then you eliminate the probability of arcing causing a fire.

Upgrading To Circuit Breakers

If you decide to upgrade, you will find that those old fuse boards are full of old wiring. This can become a problem in a few different ways, mainly the fact that they can be too old to repair, and need to be replaced anyway. If you choose to replace them with a circuit breaker, you need to be assured that the wiring is new and modern. Getting a trusted Gold Coast electrical company to inspect and replace fuses can be a great opportunity for us to inspect and address any electrical problems you may have.

Having a more modern circuit breaker installed instead of the older fuse board, will give you a more secure electrical system in your home. You will feel better about having a more modern box in the house, and more importantly, protecting all the wiring in the house, giving you a better feeling about the safety of your house.

If you have any doubts about upgrading to a circuit breaker, you can always check in with your professional electrician. Call South East Electrical on 1300 997 621.


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