Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Recently there have been a number of house fires in Queensland. To see a family’s home destroyed by fire is nothing less than frightening and extremely distressing.

Smoke Detectors Mandatory

Smoke fire alarm on the ceiling
Smoke fire alarm on the ceiling
Smoke detectors, are a small device now mandatory in all Queensland homes, whether they be new or old, rented or owner occupied.If smoke detectors are installed and maintained correctly, they could provide early warning signs of impending danger within your home.When you realize these small devices, when installed and maintained correctly can save lives, it makes you wonder why we, as home occupiers, don’t pay more attention to them.

Change Smoke Detector Batteries Every Year

Every April fools day (April 1) the state government in conjunction with the QFES (Queensland Fire Service) highlight the importance of changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, and ensure they are in working order.This is not an April Fools joke!This is a simple process to change the batteries.

Testing Your Smoke Detector

South East Electrical Services offers services for the testing of smoke detectors within your home.The test will include the following: Check expiry date (once the detector is ten years old it is required to be replaced Battery change Complete a smoke test Advise if existing location of each detector is correct with current regulations
Take the time to look up, it might just save your life