Appliances & Systems

For any new installation at your home or work place, have it done right the first time by your trusted local electricians – South East Electrical Services. We install or repair any electrical appliance or system for your home. Whether you’re installing a new air conditioning system, hot water unit, dishwasher or home security system, we’ll make sure it’s connected safely and correctly and positioned for quick and easy access.

Our experienced domestic electricians can also repair faulty or broken appliances such as your stove, oven, dishwasher or clothes dryer. We will either fix it on the spot or advise you whether it’s more economical to replace your appliance when the repair cost outweighs replacement.

Communication needs

When moving into a new business premise, setting up your phone and computer network is a top priority. We can add extra phone points around the office, ensuring everyone has access to phone and internet outlets. The family home has also become a communication hub with a greater demand for phone and internet access. We can fit out your kitchen, bedrooms and home office with as many electrical outlets as you need.

Is your intercom system playing up? Upgrade with the latest intercom technology to make communication easier. We can help you choose the right model for your home or workplace and install it with minimal fuss.

Home Entertainment

We can relocate existing or install additional TV points around the home and position a new HD antenna for ultimate digital reception. If you’ve gone all out on a new home entertainment system or home theatre, we can create a premier surround sound home entertainment experience.

Don’t waste time… install it right the first time. For no-fuss electrical installations and electrical repairs contact South East Electrical Services. Our licensed domestic electricians will advise you on the safe, easy installation of appliances and equipment for your home or office.