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If you run a business or are in charge of a workplace then you have responsibilities to ensure the safety of your electrical equipment through testing and tagging. Gold Coast businesses must comply with testing and tagging laws but we find there is confusion around what is required. In this article we’ll explain briefly what is required by you in the way of testing and tagging of electrical equipment.

But first, what is testing and tagging?

electrical equipment that has been tested and tagged
Electrical equipment that has been tested and tagged

Testing and tagging is the name we give to the process of testing your equipment for electrical safety. Apart from a visual inspection we also run tests to ensure the device is okay with earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity. All tests conform to standards AS/NZS 3760:2010 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment. Part of the requirements of testing is maintenance of records. The device is tagged to say it was tested and we record your testing results in our test and tag software.

Why do we have testing and tagging?

Testing and tagging ensures the safety of our electrical devices. This is important because each year people in Australian workplaces are injured or die due to contact with faulty electrical equipment.

Requirements For Testing And Tagging

This varies from industry to industry. If you’re in construction your requirements are to test every 3 months by a competent person.

For services and manufacturing industries the intervals can be every 12 months. It depends on the equipment though. If it is double-insulated then 12mth intervals apply in both industries. If not, you need to get tested every 6mths in the manufacturing industry.

For office work the testing and tagging intervals can be as long as 5 years. It has to be noted though that the requirements for testing and tagging are considered withing the context of your overall electrical safety. Testing of safety switches is more frequent.

For more information on testing and tagging requirements consult the links below:

Unraveling the testing and tagging rules

If you’re a Gold Coast business trying to unravel your testing and tagging responsibilities (as well as your overall electrical safety compliance liabilities) please contact us. We’re happy to discuss the rules above and clarify them as they apply to you. Call South East Electrical on 1300 997 621 or use the form on this page to make an inquiry. We have experts on workplace electrical safety compliance who can discuss with you testing and tagging and any other questions you may have regarding your electrical safety or general electrical questions. We’re not solely a test and tag company which means our knowledge extends beyond that process and encompassed testing and tagging of electrical equipment as well as all electrical safety and all electrical services. We’ve also got our promise, “If your job is confirmed and we don’t show, we’ll come and do it for free.” That means we’ll be there or we’ll do the job for free. Call us when you want reliable and expert advise on testing and tagging or anything else electrical.



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