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Maintenance on any items that you use daily is a good idea. With electrical appliances, it is even more important as things can happen without you really knowing about it. This can then lead to even bigger problems. That is why the qualified electricians at South East Electrical recommended testing and tagging all your appliances and electronics. Do this,  so you know just how they are working and when it will be the time to test and tag them again in the future. For many warehouses, buildings, and new construction zones, it is regulation to do this within certain time intervals.

Testing and Tagging Is Mandatory In The Workplace

Specified electrical equipment and safety switches need to be tested at intervals according to their class of work in accordance with Queensland Government’s Electrical Safety Act 2002. It is a way of ensuring that everything is safe to operate and will continue to be safe to operate in the future. The idea behind the testing and tagging is to make sure that there is no chance of having any type of electrical shock happen to employees while they are on the job, which will then lessen the chance of the company bring sued for negligence.

Tag And Test Ensures Electrical Safety

The testing and tagging system is put in place to make sure that all employees and the employer as well, lead a safer work day than they would without it. If you have your appliances properly tested and tagged by a professional electrician, you will be safer. In the event of an audit your business will know it is in compliance with the regulations. The testing and tagging system should be done every few years, depending on the type of business that you run. This tag and test procedure will continue to ensure that your place is up to code and complies with Queensland Government requirements.

You may not feel the need to go through the testing and tagging process for your business, but it is mandatory to do it. Don’t forget laws in place that are set so you will be able to keep all of your employees safe while they are on the job. They are your responsibility. If you do not follow rules and regulations, and something serious happens, it will be your liability. Have your local electrician come in and do all of the necessary testing on all of your appliances and save yourself any headaches in the future.

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