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Upgrade Your Downlights To LED Lights? ​

There are many good reasons to upgrade your halogen downlights to LED lights. We’ve previously written about the advantages of updating to LED lights, most of which applies to downlights also. Only more so.

Downlights stand out as being  specially important to upgrade. For these reasons:


Fires can start when combustible material comes in contact with hot lights. Halogen lights coming into contact with insulation is a known cause for fires. Proper installation of insulation is meant to address this. Importantly, LED globes run at around half the temperature of filament or halogen globes.


Downlights are normally installed as a series of lights. You might, for instance, have six downlights in your living area. With LED lights being 60-70% more efficient than other lights, you're seeing savings across not one but six lights.


With lifespans of around 10 years and their energy savings, LED downlights can result in some good savings. As we said before, you've probably got multiple downlights installed, so any savings are multiplied by the number of lights you have.

So Many Options!

When LED downlights first came out they were stark and bright. Now you can get dimmable lights, RGB lights, lights controller by Alexa and Google... When you can tell your speaker to dim your lights and turn them blue, it's a whole new world of possibilities.

Looking To Upgrade Downlights To LED?

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LED Downlights, The Savings Add Up

Standard halogen downlights use about 50 watts of electricity each. You’ve probably got more than one. Let’s say you’ve got 6 downlights in your room. That’s 300 watts! Swap those for LED downlights and you can reduce your consumption down to about 33 watts. That’s going to equate to real and noticeable savings on your energy bills.

The main reason halogens use so much electricity is because they’re pushing out a lot of energy in the form of heat. They run hot. As a result they’re the one of the major causes of house fires in Australia.

LEDs run cool and have much lower electricity consumption. They also have a longer lifespan, lasting up to four times longer than halogens. The LEDs we install come with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty. We’re yet to have a single failure or callback with these LED lights.

Unsure About How To Upgrade Your LED Downlights?

Book an electrician to ensure a safe upgrade to efficient and long-lasting LED downlights.

Upgrade your LED downlights today and save. Our fully licensed and insured electricians come to your home or business, install the LEDS, for just $45 each. To get this special discount you must get at least 3 LED lights supplied and installed by South East Electrical. Total cost is $135. This saves you $45 over the normal of of upgrading 3 LED downlights. The more you install the more you save. We’re a Gold Coast company servicing Gold Coast and Brisbane. Call us today on the number today and we’ll attend promptly. We know you’ll be happy with our service. Our aim is to make South East Electrical your number one electrician.

Options For Replacing Halogen Downlights

Depending on what type of halogen downlights you have, you might be able to do a simple one-for-one swap. May LED GU10 globes will fit into your existing downlight sockets.

For instance, the image below is from Lighting Superstore. It shows a range of GU10 LED globes they sell.

gu10 led downlights

With a bit of a push and twist, the globes above will fit into your existing halogen light sockets.


Things You Need To Consider When Installing LED Downlights

You might also require an LED driver. Check whether you have main voltage downlights and whether your LED lights require a driver. If you need a driver, this job must be performed by an electrician. LED drivers convert the mains power from 240V AC down to 12V or 24v DC. These are common voltages for many LED applications, including LED strip lighting and downlighting. 

Your existing halogen downlights may already be running through a 12V driver. These were popular options for powering downlights during the 90s. LED lights designed for 240V DC will not be compatible with 12V halogen light sockets. The lights in the image of GU10 lights shown above are all 240V lights. These would not work as plug and play replacements for a system currently using 12V halogens. 

If you are in any doubt about either of these points, please consult an electrician. 

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