Special Offer: Air Conditioner Cleaning
air conditioner cleaning gold coast

Special Offer: Air Conditioner Cleaning

Give your air conditoner a spring clear!

Just $125 each. Save $25 per unit. *

Get ready for summer

Air conditioners collect dirt and bacteria. Regular cleaning is important to maintain a healthy environment. The image shown here is an air conditioner prior to cleaning by our crew. You can see how much dirt was hidden behind the air con fascia. When in use your air conditioner blows through that dirt onto you and your family.

Cleaning is also essential to keep air conditioners running effectively, saving you on running costs.

Air conditioner prier to cleaning. The build-up of dust is quite evident.​

Our Air Conditioning Cleaning In Action​

A Clean Home Needs A Clean Air Conditioner

* Normally $150 inc GST. Now $125 if 2 or more air conditioning cleans are completed at the same time within the same premises.

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