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Funny conversations involving air conditioning

It is not often you laugh out loud about air conditioning. But when Daniel Ricciardo says this:

It’s actually really cold in the engineering office — it’s like air conditioning. You come out sweating...

Daniel Ricciardo

Well you really have to laugh don’t you?

And then he talks about ice bathes:

It certainly cools some of your body down if you know what I mean. My nipples. Yes, of course. They could cut through glass after an ice bath.

Daniel Ricciardo
This one one came up in my news feed.Australian racing car driver Daniel Ricciardo is clearly a little unstable! He admits it.  His comments about the ice bath are hysterical.You have to read the rest of the conversation over at Auto Action. It’s almost incomprehensible.This then made me wonder if another mad sportsman, Guy Martin has said anything about air conditioning. I couldn’t find anything about air conditioning, but I did find this. It’s a brilliant take on Guy Martin’s enthusiasm, his achievements and (most of all) his ability to maul a sentence. Like this:

The North West didn't quite go to plan, I dunno what the plan was, to get out in one piece? In which case, it did go to plan.

Guy Martin

For more of Guy’s indecipherable quotes visit the Scunthope Telegraph.

And to see the man in action watch the video below and enjoy.

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