South East Electrical Services

Who is your favourite Gold Coast electrician? We hope that’s us. We want everybody who has used South East Electrical to consider us the best electricians they’ve ever used. We work hard to maintain customer services and deliver our electrical services in the best and fastest way possible.

We have a motto here, which is,

If your job is confirmed and we don’t show, will come and do it for free!

We live up to that motto but it’s more than just that. If life was a simple as just turning up then we’d have a lot of competition. (But probably not as much as you think!) We make sure that when we get there we have the tools and the knowledge do the job, we give the job the time it needs to be done properly, and we get it completed to your satisfaction.

We aim to  be the best on the Gold Coast

Many of our businesses use a range of contractors across a broad spectrum of services. We know that they interact with a lot of Gold Coast tradesmen and Gold Coast businessmen. We love it when we are told that we are the best that they deal with. We aim to be competitive not just within our own industry on the Gold Coast but among all Gold Coast industries. By doing that we know that we will be the best Gold Coast electrician you ever had.

We love referrals

We also love referrals. Referrals are the best way any electrician can build their business. It’s also quite gratifying to know that someone trusts you enough to recommend to their friends and business associates.

We love testimonials

We recently received the following testimonial from Gold Coast insurance company Insurance Brokers Australia. We would like to thank Chris Dalton, director of Insurance Brokers Australia for providing the following kind words to us.

Insurance Brokers Australia have many and varied service providers, both for our business offices and personal home use.

We are confident in recommending to our clients the businesses we have personally used and have excelled and after nearly ten years of continual service, both to our business and many of our residential and industry clients, I can only state that the company and staff at South East Electrical are exceptional in getting promptly to the job, knowing what to do, getting it finished, and getting it right… very professional!!

You can see that and other recent testimonials to our electrical services on our testimonials page.

We like to tell people that if you have had a bad experience with a Gold Coast electrician or Gold Coast tradesmen then give us go. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. But it’s not enough to define ourselves by what we don’t do, by the fact that we are better than the other guys out there. We define ourselves by what we do. And what we do is provide on time reliable, experience electrical contractor services. We back this with a wealth of experience electrical contractors. And as people who have lived and worked on the Gold Coast our whole lives.

Electrical Services Offered To Our Gold Coast Customers

Our services include a whole range of electrical services. We provide the following services to Gold Coast residents and commercial.

  • Tagging and testing
  • Safety switches
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Electrical safety
  • Data points
  • Circuit breakers
  • Digital TV antennas
  • Smoke detectors
  • Intercoms

We can fix a range of electrical equipment, including pumps, fountains and downlights. We’ve been in this game long enough to know that we can fix just about anything electrical.

Being able to work competently in almost all electrical services required on the Gold Coast makes us a great go to for anyone requiring comprehensive electrical services. People like Chris Dalton who need a broad range of leisure services trust South East Electrical to provide those services. As providers to Gold Coast body corporate’s we have been praised for our ability to handle any electrical problems they might have.

Emergency Electrical For The Gold Coast

South East Electrical also provide emergency electrical services to the Gold Coast. Where there you are an existing client with management rights to a Surfers Paradise high-rise, who might use our services extensively, or you are a residential user who is used as only once, we provide the best emergency electrical on the Gold Coast. As providers to commercial enterprises like insurance companies body corporate’s and tourist parks, we know that part of our job is to respond very promptly to anything that interrupts services to their clients. As providers of Gold Coast emergency electrical services we know we can always respond on time.

Try us and see if we aren’t the best electrical contractor on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast electrician then we’d love to hear from you. Call the number on this page to talk to us today. And don’t forget that if we book analytical service with you and we don’t show up more come and do it for free.




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