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With storm season upon us it’s pertinent to discuss electrical safety during storms. Storms present multiple electrical safety hazards, from fallen lines to flooding. Preparing in advance and knowing what to do during a storm will help you stay safe.

Prepare For Storms

  • Install a safety switch and test it regularly.
  • Know where to turn off your power, gas and water supply in an emergency.
  • Pack up electrical equipment that’s not in use and store in a safe place.
  • Unplug outside TVs and non-fixed aerials and store in a dry area.
  • When a storm approaches switch off and unplug electrical equipment
  • Shut down your solar PV system using the safe isolation procedure.

Following these simple tips can keep you and your property safe during a storm or flood.

  • Listen to your local radio station for weather updates
  • If you’ve lost power, turn off your power points and unplug electrical equipment.
  • Don’t use a fixed telephone during a thunderstorm – it can deliver an electric shock
  • If flood waters are expected, shift electrical equipment to higher locations.
  • If you are in a car, stay away from powerlines, trees and watercourses. Stay in your vehicle.

After The Storm

  • Stay away from fallen powerlines.
  • If you do see fallen powerlines report them to Energex on  13 12 53
  • If you’ve lost power contact Energex on  13 12 53.
  • If you have electrical damage around you house contact South East Electrical on 1300 997 621
  • Don’t touch any electrical switchboards or other components damaged or inundated by water.

Notes on Using Generators

Incorrectly connecting power to your house from a generator is dangerous. You must have a generator change-over switch and appropriate socket installed. These switches must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor such as South East Electrical. Do not connect a generator to a socket in your home. This is called back-feeding and can be very dangerous.

Run the generator outdoors or in a well ventilated spot. Ensure all electrical equipment is on a surge board to prevent damage from variable power deliveries. Check load limits on your generator and follow the manufacturer’s specifications.



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