As a valued customer we thought it important to ensure you are aware of the current Queensland Government campaign regarding safety switches.

Currently it is a requirement that all houses have safety switches installed on power circuits for older homes and light and power circuits for new homes.

The Queensland Government is recommending that all circuits have safety switches installed, including hot water units, Hotplates/Wall ovens and Stoves, air-conditioning etc.

The video below is the current TV campaign showing the difference between a circuit breaker and a safety switch.


Over the last few years we have found the following:

Customers thinking they have safety switches when they only have circuit breakers or fuses installed.

Customers having a safety switch installed, but when tested finding they don’t work.

If you are not sure what, if any safety switches are installed, please call us so we can advise you on what is presently installed and what is recommended to ensure you and your family are safe.

It is important to ensure the safety switch/s that are installed work and as such we recommend they be tested yearly.