pre purchase electrical inspections before buying

Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections Gold Coast

When purchasing a home or unit, most people will ask for building and pest inspections but very few people consider having a pre-purchase electrical inspection. Unexpected problems in the electrical wiring of your potential home could create a lot of expense, right when you don’t need it! We offer a thorough electrical inspection for any residential or commercial property, that you are considering purchasing.

What is included in a pre-purchase electrical inspection?

South East Electrical are experts in electrical, lighting, smoke alarm installation and air conditioning systems, so using us to carry out your Gold Coast or Brisbane pre-purchase electrical inspection will help identify if there are any potential issues in your new home.

Written pre-purchase electrical inspection report.

Once we have carried out our thorough electrical inspection we will then provide you with a comprehensive report on the inspection. The report will include recommendations for any electrical issues we have identified. Our electricians can then provide quotes for any recommended upgrades and repairs to ensure you home is compliant and safe. 

Why Choose South East Electrical For Pre-Inspection Reports