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Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections Gold Coast

When purchasing a home or unit, most people will ask for building and pest inspections but very few people consider having a pre-purchase electrical inspection. Unexpected problems in the electrical wiring of your potential home could create a lot of expense, right when you don’t need it! We offer a thorough electrical inspection for any residential or commercial property, that you are considering purchasing.

pre purchase electrical inspections before buying

Our pre-purchase electrical inspection consists of the following:

  1. Inspect the meter box, and check for safety switch(es).
  2. Check the condition of the electrical switchboard and advise on the cost of an upgrade if required.
  3. Test earthing system to eliminate risk of electrocution.
  4. Randomly check power points, switches and lights to ensure they are operating correctly.
  5. Test operation and wiring of hot water system, oven and hotplate.
  6. Advise of any other potential problems in electrical circuits.
  7. Suggest any power saving ideas and the potential costs involved.

Written Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection Report

We provide a detailed written report at the conclusion of the inspection.

Cost of Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection Report

Our fixed price for electrical inspection is $290 (including GST).

Why Choose South East Electrical For Pre-Inspection Reports

  • South East Electrical have fully qualified electricians trained for electrical inspections.
  • South East Electrical’s experience with electrical inspections means we pick up things that might otherwise cost you money down the track.
  • South East Electrical’s written pre-purchase inspection reports detail current condition and highlight any areas of concern.
  • We’ll supply a fully priced quote for any faults, meaning you have a negotiating point to take to the building’s seller.
  • South East Electrical’s inspection reports potentially save you money by finding electrical faults before you buy.

Contact South East Electrical To Organize Your Pre-Purchase Inspection

Reduce risk and save money, contact South East Electrical today for a thorough electrical inspection. Call us today on 1300 997 621 or use the form on this page to book your pre-purchase electrical inspection.


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