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Keep Electricity Costs Down This Winter

goldcoast-electrical-winter-savingsWinter is just around the corner and for most people this means a spike in your electricity bill due to the additional energy used for heating your home. However this doesn’t have to be the case and this article will give you some great tips for keeping warm and keeping that electricity bill down. 

Shut the door on wasted energy

It may seem obvious to keep all external doors and windows shut to keep your house warm. However closing the doors to rooms that do not need heating, such as the bathroom and laundry, can reduce heat loss by up to 70%. Gold Coast winters aren’t exactly savage, so often we don’t have the ability to close off areas of our houses like hallways. Consider installing a curtain for winter use. You will be amazed how much heat a curtain will contain.

Upgrade your water heater

If your home is running an electric water heater you could see significant savings by having a high efficiency electric heat pump water heater installed. Electric heat pump water heaters work in a way that could be described as a refrigerator in reverse. Electric Heat Pump water heaters are 90% efficient compared to a conventional electric water heater which is only 60% efficient, this improvement in efficiency could save you up to $300 per year.

Set your thermostat to a lower temperature

Living in Australia it really doesn’t get that cold especially on the Gold Coast. You can save yourself significant amounts of money by simply reducing the temperature on your heating by a few degrees. Saving as much as 2% for every degree you reduce the thermostat. If you are willing to make some investments there are a plethora of smart thermostats available that will help you manage and improve the efficiency of your home heating.

Get an Energy Audit

Having a trained professional assess your home and gather useful information about your energy use and measures that you can take to save electricity. An energy audit can save you up to 30% on your electricity bills if you make the recommended efficiency upgrades.

Save Money and Stay Warm

There are many ways to reduce your energy bill this winter and by taking advice from just one these helpful tips you could lower your energy bill. For more information contact South East Electrical on 1300 997 621.

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