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Top 5 Reasons You Should Switch To LED Lights ​

Incandescent lighting has been commercially available since 1878 making it over a century old. It’s time to make the change to a more modern technology that will not only save you money but also reduce emissions. Join the lighting revolution by upgrading your home lighting to LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology.  There are a plenty of benefits to using LED lighting within your home. Here are the top five reasons you should make the change now.

LED Lights Gold Coast

1. LED lights have longer lasting bulbs

Standard Incandescent light bulbs can last less than a year before they blow and need to be replaced. LED bulbs have exceptional lifespan of up to  100,000 hours of use.  Manufacturers routinely claim up to 40 and 50,000 hours for globes.  That’s an incredible 11 years of continuous use. With an average use time of 8 hours a day an LED bulb could last you 20 years. That’s longer then the family pet. Real world factors will probably reduce these figures considerably so take those estimates with a grain of salt. Even so, LEDs will last a long time.

LED Lights Gold Coast

2. Save energy and money with LED lights

LED’s have proven to be today’s most efficient method of lighting and illumination. Compared to a traditional incandescent bulb LED bulbs are 60-70% more efficient. They convert more energy into  more light when compared with a traditional globe. Not only does this help save the polar bears it also saves your wallet with savings of hundreds of dollars in electricity bills alone.

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3. LED lights produce less heat

Living on the Gold Coast you know how hot it can get. The last thing you need is to contribute to that. Ever touched an incandescent bulb? Not really huh. It’s too hot to touch. Standard incandescent bulbs are only 20% efficient. This means only 20% of the energy used is converted to light and 80% is expelled as heat. On the other hand LED bulbs are 80-90% efficient and only 10-20% of the energy used is turned to heat.  This is a lot of energy not being converted into heat when you use LED lights.

4. LED lights present so many options

LED lights give great new options for lights, like hidden strip lighting. They also present energy efficient ways of using existing lighting techniques. Halogen downlights produce massive amounts of heat (to the point where they were an acknowledges fire hazard) and weren’t any more efficient than incandescent globes.  LED downloads on the other hand are safer and much more energy efficient. LED lights can replace all existing lights including ceiling lights and tube lights. There are globe only replacements available for most lighting systems in your home. LED kits for strip lighting and other solutions are great for new builders and renovators. 

5. LED lights are better than compact flouros

Compact flouros looked like the great new hope for efficient lighting for years. Compared with incandescent globes they’re still very efficients. But they’re not as efficient as LEDs. They use about double the energy of a similar LED light. Crucially, they also contain dangerous chemicals like mercury. Debate raged for years over whether compact flouros were actually any better for the environment than incandescents, given the use of mercury. Debate no more. Get LEDs.

Make the Switch Now

Replace your existing globes to LED for real world saving from energy and heat. If you’re upgrading halogens consider getting LED specific transformers. If you’re upgrading your lighting systems, building or renovating, make sure you contact a licensed electrician for installation.  For more information or to have your house fitted with LED lights you can contact South East Electrical on 1300 997 621.


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