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If you’ve tried to trawl through the new smoke detector legislation you may already know that it’s pretty confusing at times. It is perhaps the bureaucratic nature in which the laws are presented that makes the smoke alarm laws seem more complex than they need to be.  With that in mind we’ve prepared the statements below to make it clear what your responsibilities are. The smoke alarm laws are applied in two steps, the first for new premises and major renovations. The second step is for rental properties. You have until 2027 to enact compliance for rental properties but new properties and major renos must already comply with the new legislation.

There are definitely safety advantages in the requirements of the new legislation. We covered this recently in What you need to know about Queensland’s new smoke alarm legislation. Photovaoltaic alarms are more sensitive to smoke and give better early warning. Alarms must also be interconnected. For more details about this read the article above.

Stage 1 Smoke Detector Legislation: Effective from 1/1/17

New premises or major renovations (where certification is required). Smoke detectors must be installed in bedrooms and hallways and all must be interconnected. Any Properties brought/sold must comply with the new regulations.

Stage 1 Smoke Detector Legislation: Effective from 1/1/27

Rental properties  must have smoke detectors installed in all bedrooms and interconnected with the existing smoke detectors in the hallway. All owner occupied properties must have smoke detectors installed in all bedrooms and interconnected to the existing smoke detectors in the hall way.

To help make the transitions easier we introduce this month’s special:

Supply and install 3 smoke detectors interconnected $450 inc GST(Normally $529 each)

We will supply and install 3 interconnected smoke alarms in your property for just $450. That’s a saving of $79 while this offer lasts. To apply for this deal call us now on the number below or fill or click the Book Now button and fill in your details.

Upgrade your smoke alarms today and save. Our fully licensed and insured electricians come to your home or business, install the smoke alarms, for just $450. This saves you $79 over the normal of installing 3 interconnected smoke alarms. We’re a Gold Coast company servicing Gold Coast and Brisbane. Call us today on the number and we’ll attend promptly. We know you’ll be happy with our service. Our aim is to make South East Electrical your number one electrician.


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