Benefits Of Using Licensed Air-Conditioning Technicians

arctick licensed air conditionerBenefits Of Using Licensed Air-Conditioning TechniciansIf an air conditioning/refrigeration technician’s not licensed, they can’t tick all the boxes Professional and qualified technician. Must adhere to an Industry Code of Practice. Reduced gas leaks = increased system performance and decreased running costs. You are doing the right thing by the environment and the law. People who [...]

Air Conditioner Cleaning Gold Coast

Air Conditioner Cleaning Gold Coast Our Cleaning Service Improves QualityWith summer coming round and the heat already picking up, it's time for air conditioner cleaning. Gold Coast has a professional and effective service provider in South East Electrical Services. Our technicians are ARCtick certified.Four great reasons to use our cleaning serviceBetter Indoor Air QualityDon't blow [...]

Split System Air Conditioning Explained

Installing split system air conditioning system

Choosing the right heating and cooling solution for your home or office can be a big decision. Many factors can come into play, such as the size and division of rooms, the age of the building, and your budget. There are a number of different systems on the market including; ducted systems, evaporative systems and […]